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Intel® Integrated RAID Module SROMBSASMR Installation Guidelines

The standoffs that connect the Intel® Integrated RAID controller SROMBSASMR (AXXROMBSASMR) to the server board require firm pressure to install in the server board and the SROMBSASMR.

Once installed, removing the SROMBSASMR from the server board also requires firm upward pressure to separate the standoffs from the mounting holes. No tools should be used to pry the SROMBSASMR from the server board. Intel recommends carefully lifting the SROMBSASMR one corner at a time.

The SROMBSASMR can be installed and removed if needed, while Intel recommends to use the same standoffs no more than two times, standoffs should be replaced if additional removal is required. Please follow Intel standard warranty process for standoff replacement.

This applies to:

Intel® Integrated RAID Module SROMBSASMR
Intel® Server Board S5500HCV
Intel® Server Board S5500WB
Intel® Server Board S5520HC
Intel® Server Board S5520UR
Intel® Server System SR1690WB
Intel® Server System SR2612UR
Intel® Workstation Board S5520SC

Solution ID: CS-030404
Last Modified: 13-Oct-2014
Date Created: 13-Apr-2009
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