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Product Discontinuance Announcement

Intel is announcing the discontinuance of the Intel® Server Boards S5000VCLSASBB, and Server Systems SR1530CL, SR1530HCL and SR1530HCLS.

Intel recommends the Intel® Server Board BBS5000VCLR (SATA) and BBS5000VCLSASR (SAS) as replacement products for the S5000VCLSASBB; and SR1530CLR, SR1530HCLR and SR1530HCLSR as replacement products for the current system products.

For more details, please see:

icon  Product Discontinuance Announcement [PDF]
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Date: July 2007

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This applies to:

IntelŽ Server Board S5000VCL
IntelŽ Server System SR1530CL
IntelŽ Server System SR1530HCL
IntelŽ Server System SR1530HCLS

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