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Tested Memory List

This document contains memory modules tested for the Intel® Server Boards SE8500HW4 and SE8501HW4.

The Intel® Server Boards SE8500HW4 and SE8501HW4 were designed to support Double Data Rate2 (DDR2) 400-MHz Registered ECC Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM). Other industry naming conventions for DDR2-400 include PC2-3200.

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File Name: SE8500HW4_SE8501HW4_MemList_rev32.pdf
Size: 96 KB
Date: August 2008

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This applies to:

Intel® Server System SR4850HW4
Intel® Server System SR4850HW4/M
Intel® Server System SR4850HW4/S
Intel® Server System SR6850HW4
Intel® Server System SR6850HW4/M
Intel® Server System SR6850HW4/S

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Date Created: 20-Nov-2006
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