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Server Products
Intel® 5000 Series Chipsets Server Board Family Datasheet

This datasheet provides information about features and regulatory information that is common to Intel® Server Boards and Intel® Workstation Boards that use the Intel® 5000 Series Chipset.

This is a companion document to the technical product specifications that are available for each server or workstation board that uses the Intel® 5000 MCH. To fully understand all features of a particular server or workstation board that uses this chipset, you need to use both this datasheet and the technical product specification that is available for your server board or workstation board.

icon  Server Board Family Datasheet [PDF]
File name: D38960-006.PDF
Size: 2,595 KB
Date: August 2007
Revision: 1.3

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This applies to:

Intel® Server Board S5000PAL
Intel® Server Board S5000PSL Family
Intel® Server Board S5000VSA
Intel® Server Board S5000XSL
Intel® Workstation Board S5000XVN

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Last Modified: 27-Mar-2015
Date Created: 26-Apr-2006
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