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Tested hardware and operating system list [PDF]

This document is intended to provide users of the Intel® RAID controller SRCU42E with a guide to the different operating systems, server boards, chassis, disk drives and other peripherals tested by Intel® for use with this RAID controller.

This document will continue to be updated as additional testing is performed, or until the Intel® RAID controller SRCU42E is no longer in production. Each new release of the document will also include the information from previous releases.

Intel® will only provide support for this RAID controller when used in a system configured with the server boards listed and configured with the versions of RAID firmware, system BIOS / firmware, and operating system versions for which the tests were performed. Thorough testing has been performed of the Intel® RAID controller SRCU42E with the Intel server boards, with Intel drive enclosures, and with the third party devices listed below; however, it is not practical to test the Intel® RAID controller SRCU42E in every possible combination of server board, drive enclosure, hard drive, and peripheral. Sample combinations have been tested to gain added confidence in their inter-compatibility, and every device listed has been tested in one or more configurations.

Please refer to Intel® Server Boards and Intel® RAID Controller compatibility matrix to determine compatibility between Intel® Server Boards and Intel® RAID Controllers.

icon  Tested Hardware and Operating System List [PDF]
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Intel® RAID Controller SRCU42E

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