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Onboard RAID 0,1 Creation Appears to be Slow

Onboard CTRL <C> RAID 0, 1 creation appears to be slow and appears to limit the number of RAID configurations.


Initializing a RAID 1(mirror) using the BIOS (CTRL-C) utility will take approximately 1 hour per 5GB of drive space.  There is also a limitation of one logical drive per controller.  


For optimal performance the mirror must finish initialization before rebooting the system or attempting to install the operating system on the mirror (though this is not required).  Typically, 1 hour for each 5Gigabytes of hard drive capacity is required to complete initializing the mirror when using the onboard CTRL <C> application.  For example, for two 70Gigabyte drives configured in a RAID 1 mirror, 12-14 hours should be allowed for the initialization to complete.   Adding a 3rd drive configured as a “hot spare” will increase the time required to complete the mirror initialization. 


For mirrored drives that will not hold the bootable operating system, create the RAID 1 configuration at the operating system level or use an Intel based RAID card for better performance. For mirrored drives that will hold the bootable operating system, configure the mirror using the CTRL-<C> bios utility and allow enough time for the mirror to complete initialization before rebooting the system.  You will be limited to one   RAID configuration per controller and you can not create a RAID configuration across controller channels (cables).  In other words, if you have two onboard SCSI channels (cables) as with the SE7520BD2 SCSI board you will only be able to create one RAID 0,1 configuration on one of the channels.  


Intel does not consider this a bug and recommends that you plan accordingly.

This applies to:

Intel® Server Board SE7520AF2
Intel® Server Board SE7520BD2
Intel® Server Board SE7520JR2

Solution ID: CS-020102
Last Modified: 03-Dec-2014
Date Created: 19-Dec-2004
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