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IntelŽ Workstation Board S975XBX2
Memory Related Warning During POST on IntelŽ Workstation Board S975XBX2

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The following error message is noticed at POST screen after configuring the BIOS to Default Settings, on Intel® Workstation Board S975XBX2:

"The Installated amount of memory in Channel A is not equal to the amount of memory in Channel B.
Maximum memory performance is achieved with equal amount of memory in each Channel.
Press Enter to continue..."

  • The system may or may not POST/BOOT after pressing Enter key.


  • Verify that the DIMMs are 'not' populated in Channel A (DIMM 0 and DIMM 1) (Both Blue and Black DIMM slots)
  • Change the DIMM population sequence to DIMMs installed in "Channel A DIMM 0" and "Channel B DIMM 0" (Both Blue DIMM slots)


Incorrect way of populating the memory module can cause an error message.


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IntelŽ Workstation Board S975XBX2

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Last Modified: 24-Oct-2014
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