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Intel® Server Board S5500WB
Memory and Hardware Compatibility

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Intel® Server System SR1690WBR

Intel® Server System SR1695WBDC

Intel® Server System SR1695WBAC

How do I know which system I have?
Intel® Server Products have a white sticker on the motherboard, labeled PBA. If your board PBA starts with E48472, use the Intel® Server System SR1690WBR list. If your board PBA starts with E40367, use either the Intel® Server System SR1695WBAC, if you use an AC power supply, or the Intel® Server System SR1695WBDC if you use a DC power supply.

Memory compatibility
The Intel® Server Board S5500WB supports six DDR3 memory channels (three per processor socket) with two DIMMs on the first channel and one DIMM on the second and third channels of each processor. The maximum memory capacity with 8 DIMMs is 128 GB.

The board supports DDR3 800, DDR3 1067, and DDR3 1333 memory technologies.
The following configurations are not validated, supported, or recommended:

  • Mixing RDIMMs and UDIMMs.
  • Mixing memory type, size, speed, and/or rank.
  • Mixing memory vendors.
  • Non-ECC memory.

This applies to:

Intel® Server Board S5500WB
Intel® Server System SR1690WB
Intel® Server System SR1695WB

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