Intel® Server Board S5500WB
Technical Product Specification

This Intel® Server Board S5500WB technical product specification (TPS) provides technical details on the functional architecture and feature set of the server board. It also contains the error codes generated by the server board.


Technical Product Specification (PDF) icon
Size: 4,321 KB
Date: February 2012
Revision: 1.9
SR1690WB Technical Product Specification (PDF) icon
Size: 2,277 KB
Date: April 2011
Revision: 1.7

Technical Product Specification (PDF) icon
Size: 4,977 KB
Date: March 2011
Revision: 1.4

Monthly Specification Update (PDF) icon
Documents current characterized errata
Size: 419 KB
Date: August 2011
Revision: 8

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This applies to:

Intel® Server Board S5500WB
Intel® Server System SR1690WB
Intel® Server System SR1695WB

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Last Modified: 09-Oct-2014
Date Created: 18-Feb-2009