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Intel® Server Board S5500BC
Video: Hardware Integration for the S5500BC

This is a short video of how to integrate the Intel® Server Board S5500BC with Intel® Server Chassis SC5650.

  • Intel Server Board S5500BC with an Intel® Server Chassis SC5650 
  • 2 Intel® Xeon® 5500 Processors
  • DDR3 memory
  • CD/DVD (accessory)
  • SATA hard drive (accessory)
  • Reference CD
  • Manuals

    Available documentation:

    TheSpares, Parts List and Configuration Guide provides a reference guide to assist in ordering required accessories as well as components to build the server system.
    The Quick Start Guide provides a step by step guide on the integration.
    The Service Guide provides in depth documentation on troubleshooting, upgrading & repairing the server system.
    The Technical Product Specification provides board and system specific information about the features, functionality, and high-level architecture.
    The tested processor list and tested hardware list contain important information on what is compatible with the server system.

  • This applies to:

    Intel® Server Board S5500BC

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