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Intel® Server Board S5400SF
FAQs About the Intel® Server Board S5400SF

Is there is only one SKU?
We offer the Intel® Server Board S5400SF as a stand-alone board, and the Intel® Server Platform SR1560SF as the integrated SKU including motherboard and chassis.

How do I get to the EFI shell?
Enter the BIOS and choose the Boot Manager tab. You may also set EFI Shell as the primary boot option.

Can I add a third SATA drive to a fixed-drive backplane?
The fixed-drive backplane only provides two SATA power cables.

What are examples of DIMM error reporting?
The reporting includes single-bit errors, over-voltage errors, and thermal issues.

Who manufactures the power supply?
As listed on the top of the power supply unit, it is manufactured by Delta Electronics*.

How many entries does the SEL hold?

Has Intel created an fdisk or format utility for EFI?
Intel has created a very limited set of utilities. Utilities like fdisk or format may be created by third parties, but are not guaranteed by Intel.

This applies to:

Intel® Server Board S5400SF
Intel® Server System SR1560SF

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