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IntelŽ Server Board S5000PSL Family
S5000PSL and S5000XSL Technical Product Specification

This technical product specification includes product overview, functional architecture, platform management, connector/header locations, and jumper block information for the Intel® Server Board S5000PSL Family and S5000XSL.

icon  Technical Product Specification [PDF]
File Name: 417435_D41763_008_S5000PSL_TPS_Rev_17.pdf
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Date: Aug 2010
File Revision: 1.7

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See the Intel® S5000 Server Board Family Datasheet for details about board sub-systems, including the chipset, BIOS, and Server Management.

Specification update
This document includes specification changes, clarifications, errata, and document changes for the Intel® Server Board S5000PSL Family. It is intended for hardware system manufacturers and software developers of applications, operating systems, or tools.

icon  Specification Update [PDF]
File Name: D62900001_SS5000PSL_S5000XSL_MSU_2011_02.pdf
Size: 175,641 bytes
Date: Feb 2011

See the Intel® Xeon® Processor 5000 Sequence Specification Update. Items listed in this document that do not apply to the Intel® Server Board S5000PSL Family or have workarounds are noted. Otherwise, assume any processor errata for a given stepping are applicable to the Printed Board Assembly (PBA) revision(s) associated with that stepping.

This applies to:

IntelŽ Server Board S5000PSL Family
IntelŽ Server Board S5000XSL

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