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IntelŽ Server Board S5000PAL
Performance Report

Performance tests and ratings are measured using specific computer systems and/or components and reflect the approximate performance of Intel products as measured by those tests. Any difference in system hardware or software design or configuration may affect actual performance. Buyers should consult other sources of information to evaluate the performance of systems or components they are considering purchasing.

For the Intel® Server Boards and Platforms performance report, please visit the website:

This applies to:

IntelŽ Server Board S5000PAL
IntelŽ Server Board S5000PSL Family
IntelŽ Server Board S5000VSA
IntelŽ Server Board S5000XSL
IntelŽ Server System SC5400RA
IntelŽ Workstation Board S5000XVN

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Last Modified: 07-Oct-2015
Date Created: 03-Aug-2006
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