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Intel® Server Board S3420GP Family
Processor Compatibility

Intel only supports the Intel® Server Board S3420GP Family with the processors listed below.

The board supports a single Intel® Xeon® processor 3400 Series or Intel® Core™ i3 Processor.

X3480 3.06 GHz 95 W
X3470 2.93 GHz 95 W
X3460 2.80 GHz 95 W
X3450 2.66 GHz 95 W
X3440 2.53 GHz 95 W
X3430 2.40 GHz 95 W
L3426 1.86 GHz 45 W
L3406 2.26 GHz 30 W
i3-560 3.33 GHz 73 W
i3-550 3.2 GHz 73 W
i3-540 3.06 GHz 73 W


2.93 GHz 73 W
G6950 2.80 GHz 73 W

1 Thermal Design Power (TDP), also referred to as Thermal Guideline, is the maximum amount of heat which a thermal solution must be able to dissipate from the processor so that the processor will operate under normal operating conditions.

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Note The Intel Duo Core® i3 series, Intel® Pentium® Processors, and the Intel® Xeon® Processor L3406 only support DDR3 UDIMMs.

This applies to:

Intel® Server Board S3420GP Family
Intel® Server System SR1630GP
Intel® Server System SR1630HGP
Intel® Server System SR1695GPRX

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