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Intel® Server Board S3000PT
Quick Start User's Guide

This is the Quick Start User's Guide for the Intel® Server Board S3000PT. It enables the customer to have a quick reference on integrating the Intel® Server Board S3000PT into a third-party chassis. This guide is broken down into two documents.

icon  Quick Start User's Guide - Front [PDF]
File Name: D69382-001_S3000PT_QSG_front-outlines.pdf
Size: 4,956,451 bytes
Date: September 2006
File Revision: D69382-001

icon  Quick Start User's Guide - Back [PDF]
File Name: D69382-001_S3000PT_QSG_back-outlines.pdf
Size: 1,570,421 bytes
Date: September 2006 
Revision: D69382-001

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Intel® Server Board S3000PT

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Last Modified: 23-Oct-2014
Date Created: 28-Sep-2006
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