Intel® Server Board S3000AH
Technical Product Specification

The Technical Product Specification describes the features, functionality, and high-level architecture. The Specification Update documents changes, clarifications, and errata.

Intel® Server Board or System Specification
S3000AH Technical Product Specification (PDF) icon
File name: D72579003_S3000AH_TPS_1_4.pdf
Size: 1270 KB
Date: November 2008
Revision: 1.4
SR1530AH Technical Product Specification (PDF) icon
File name: D77400004_SR1530AH_TPS_1_3.pdf
Size: 1506 KB
Date: May 2008
Revision: 1.3
S3000AH Specification Update (PDF) icon
File name: S3000AH_Spec_Update_2008_06.pdf
Size: 66 KB
Date: June 2008

This applies to:

Intel® Server Board S3000AH
Intel® Server System SR1530AH

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