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Intel® RAID Controller SASWT4I
What Cables Do I Need to Connect the Controller to Disk Drives or a Backplane?

Disk drive or backplane connection cables are not provided with the Intel® RAID Controller SASWT4I. Use an appropriate cable to connect the SASWT4I controller to SAS/SATA storage devices.

The SASWT4I has four (4) internal SATA 7-pin signal connectors, each connecting to a 3 Gbit/s SAS port.

To connect directly to SAS hard disk drives, it is necessary to use a cable that has a SAS device connector on one end (HDD side) and a standard SATA 7-pin connector on the other end (HBA end). This cable may also be used for direct connection to SATA disk drives. For connection to internal SATA hard disk drives, a standard internal SATA cable may be used. Using a standard SATA cable requires the availability of an appropriate power cable from the system power supply to the hard disk drive.

To connect the SASWT4I to a backplane, there are two possible cable configurations. The first configuration uses a standard SATA cable when the backplane uses standard SATA 7-pin connectors to route the signals to the hard disk drives. A second configuration is necessary when the backplane uses a SAS internal wide port connector (SFF-8484). In this case, a backplane-based fan-out cable is required. This cable has a SAS wide port connector on one end (backplane side) and four SAS 7-pin signal connectors on the other end (HBA side).

Refer to your hard disk drive and backplane documentation for the specific connector configuration for your devices.

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Intel® RAID Controller SASWT4I

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