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Intel® RAID Controller SASUC8I
What Cables Do I Need to Connect the Controller to Disk Drives or a Backplane?

Disk drive or backplane connection cables are not provided with the Intel® RAID Controller SASUC8I. The controller must be connected to SAS or SATA storage devices using the appropriate cable.

The Intel® RAID Controller SASUC8I has two (2) internal X4 mini-SAS connectors, each connecting to four 3 Gbit/s SAS ports.

For connection to internal drives or backplanes, an internal cable with a standard mini-SAS connector (SFF-8087) on the controller side of the cable is required. The other end of the cable may fan out into four SAS or SATA-style cables for direct connection to SAS or SATA hard disk drives. The SAS cable connectors can be used to connect to SATA hard disk drives. 

To connect the SASUC8I to a backplane, there are two possible cable configurations. The first configuration uses a standard SATA cable fan-out when the backplane uses standard SATA 7-pin connectors to route the signals to the hard disk drives. A second configuration is necessary when the backplane uses a SAS internal wide port connector (SFF-8484). In this case, a backplane-based fan-out cable is required. This cable has a SAS wide port connector on one end (backplane side) and standard mini-SAS connector (SFF-8087) on the other end (HBA side).

Refer to your hard disk drive and backplane documentation for the specific connector configuration for your devices.

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Intel® RAID Controller SASUC8I

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Last Modified: 27-Oct-2014
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