Desktop Boards
Intel® NUC Boards and Kits
Software compatibility

Intel-validated software
The software applications listed below have been validated for use with Intel® NUC Boards and Kits.

Digital signage software

Multimedia software

Remote access software

  • 2X RDP Client*.
  • Microsoft* Remote Desktop Connection.

Server and virtualization software

  • Citrix* XenDesktop.
  • Citrix XenApp.
  • Citrix VDI-in-a-Box.

Customer-reported compatible software
The software applications listed below have been reported as compatible by owners of Intel® NUC Boards and Kits. Intel has not validated these applications.

Digital signage software

  • Xibo*

Multimedia software

  • iTunes*.
  • MediaPortal*.
  • Microsoft Windows Media Center*.
  • MythTV*.
  • CyberLink PowerDVD* 13.
  • SageTV*.
  • VideoLAN* VLC media player.

Cloud, server and virtualization software

  • Microsoft Hyper-V*.
  • Minecraft Server*.
  • PLEX media server*.
  • Proxmox*.
  • Samba*.
  • Visual Studio 2013*.
  • VMware vCenter*.
  • VMware ESXi 5.1*.

Tools and utilities

  • Advanced Host Monitor* (network monitoring software).
  • Asterisk* pbx phone system.
  • Dreamweaver*.
  • Eclipse.
  • FreePBX* (business communications).
  • TeamSpeak 3*.

This applies to:

Intel® NUC Board D33217CK
Intel® NUC Board D33217GKE
Intel® NUC Board D34010WYB
Intel® NUC Board D53427RKE
Intel® NUC Board D54250WYB
Intel® NUC Board DCP847SKE
Intel® NUC Board DE3815TYBE
Intel® NUC Kit D34010WYK
Intel® NUC Kit D54250WYK
Intel® NUC Kit DC3217BY
Intel® NUC Kit DC3217IYE
Intel® NUC Kit DC53427HYE
Intel® NUC Kit DCCP847DYE
Intel® NUC Kit DE3815TYKHE
Intel® NUC Kit DN2820FYKH

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Last Modified: 13-Jun-2014
Date Created: 08-Aug-2013