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Intel® NUC
Product Order Codes

Product order code tables for Intel® NUC products.

Intel® NUC Kits

SKU Processor Product codes (single box except where noted)
NUC5CPYH Intel® Celeron® Processor N3050 BOXNUC5CPYH
NUC5PPYH Intel® Pentium® Processor N3700 BOXNUC5PPYH
NUC5i7RYH Intel® Core™ i7-5557U Processor BOXNUC5i7RYH
NUC5i5RYH Intel® Core™ i5-5250U Processor BOXNUC5i5RYH
NUC5i5RYK Intel® Core™ i5-5250U Processor BOXNUC5i5RYK
NUC5i3RYH Intel® Core™ i3-5010U Processor BOXNUC5i3RYH
NUC5i3RYK Intel® Core™ i3-5010U Processor BOXNUC5i3RYK
NUC5i5MYHE Intel® Core™ i5-5300U Processor BLKNUC5i5MYHE (10-pack only)
NUC5i3MYHE Intel® Core™ i3-5010U Processor BLKNUC5i3MYHE (10-pack only)
DE3815TYKHE Intel® Atom™ Processor E3815 BLKDE3815TYKH0E (10-pack only)
DN2820FYKH Intel® Celeron® Processor N2820 BOXDN2820FYKH0
D54250WYK Intel® Core™ i5-4250U Processor

"Short" chassis for mSATA drives:
BOXD54250WYK (no power cord)
BOXD54250WYK1 (with type B power cord1)
BOXD54250WYK2 (with type E power cord)
BOXD54250WYK3 (with type G power cord)

"Tall" chassis for 2.5-inch SATA drives:
BOXD54250WYKH (no power cord)
BOXD54250WYKH1 (with type B power cord1)
BOXD54250WYKH2 (with type E power cord)
BOXD54250WYKH3 (with type G power cord)

D34010WYK Intel® Core™ i3-4010U Processor

"Short" chassis for mSATA drives:
BOXD34010WYK1 (with type B power cord)
BOXD34010WYK2 (with type E power cord)
BOXD34010WYK3 (with type G power cord)

"Tall" chassis for 2.5-inch SATA drives:
BOXD34010WYKH1 (with type B power cord)
BOXD34010WYKH2 (with type E power cord)
BOXD34010WYKH3 (with type G power cord)

DC53427HYE Intel® Core™ i5-3427U Processor BOXDC53427HYE
BLKDC54327HYE (10-pack)
DCCP847DYE Intel® Celeron® Processor 847 BOXDCCP847DYE
DC3217IYE Intel® Core™ i3-3217U Processor BOXDC3217IYE
BOXDC3217IYR (Special Edition)
BLKDC3217IYE (10-pack)
DC3217BY Intel® Core™ i3-3217U Processor BOXDC3217BY

Intel® NUC Boards

SKU Processor Product codes (10-packs only)
NUC5i5MYBE Intel® Core™ i5-5300U Processor BLKNUC5i5MYBE
NUC5i3MYBE Intel® Core™ i3-5010U Processor BLKNUC5i3MYBE
DE3815TYBE Intel® Atom™ Processor E3815 BLKDE3815TYBE
D54250WYB Intel® Core™ i5-4250U Processor BLKD54250WYB
D34010WYB Intel® Core™ i3-4010U Processor BLKD34010WYB
D53427RKE Intel® Core™ i5-3427U Processor BLKD53427RKE
DCP847SKE Intel® Celeron® Processor 847 BLKDCP847SKE
D33217GKE Intel® Core™ i3-3217U Processor BLKD33217GKE
D33217CK Intel® Core™ i3-3217U Processor BLKD33217CK

1 To learn more about the power cord types and complete lists of countries that use each type, see the IEC World Plugs Web site.

This applies to:

Intel® NUC Board D33217CK
Intel® NUC Board D33217GKE
Intel® NUC Board D34010WYB
Intel® NUC Board D53427RKE
Intel® NUC Board D54250WYB
Intel® NUC Board DCP847SKE
Intel® NUC Board DE3815TYBE
Intel® NUC Board NUC5i3MYBE
Intel® NUC Board NUC5i5MYBE
Intel® NUC Kit D34010WYK
Intel® NUC Kit D54250WYK
Intel® NUC Kit DC3217BY
Intel® NUC Kit DC3217IYE
Intel® NUC Kit DC53427HYE
Intel® NUC Kit DCCP847DYE
Intel® NUC Kit DE3815TYKHE
Intel® NUC Kit DN2820FYKH
Intel® NUC Kit NUC5i3MYHE
Intel® NUC Kit NUC5i3RYH
Intel® NUC Kit NUC5i3RYK
Intel® NUC Kit NUC5i5MYHE
Intel® NUC Kit NUC5i5RYH
Intel® NUC Kit NUC5i5RYK
Intel® NUC Kit NUC5i7RYH

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