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Intel® NUC
Building a Responsive PC with Intel® NUC

This white paper describes the configuration steps to enable Intel® NUC with Intel Responsiveness Technologies:

  • Intel® Rapid Start Technology
  • Intel® Smart Connect Technology
  • Intel® Smart Response Technology

Building a Responsive PC with Intel Responsiveness Technologies (PDF) icon
Size: 329 KB
Date: August 2013
Version: 4

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This applies to:

Intel® NUC Board D33217CK
Intel® NUC Board D33217GKE
Intel® NUC Board D34010WYB
Intel® NUC Board D53427RKE
Intel® NUC Board D54250WYB
Intel® NUC Board DCP847SKE
Intel® NUC Kit D34010WYK
Intel® NUC Kit D54250WYK
Intel® NUC Kit DC3217BY
Intel® NUC Kit DC3217IYE
Intel® NUC Kit DC53427HYE
Intel® NUC Kit DCCP847DYE

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Last Modified: 18-Feb-2015
Date Created: 27-Nov-2012