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The custom solutions header provides access to signals that can be used for custom designs of embedded systems, All-in-One (AiO), and Home Theater PCs (HTPC). This header is also identified as the HTPC header or System ID header, depending on the board model.

The following signals are supported, depending on your board model:

Signal Purpose
Watchdog timer
Provides a general-purpose implementation that can be wired to external systems (i.e. industrial controls) or to the reset pin on the desktop board. Interested customers usually write their own software for watchdog timer support. WDT access sample code for the DN2800MT and DQ77KB boards can be provided upon request.
Power button Provides the same function as the power button pin on the front panel main header.
DirectApp launch
Provides an input pin for direct connection to a front panel push button to trigger a Windows command. A Windows 7* utility for configuring the launch of applications when this signal is triggered is available on Download Center.
HDMI CEC Provides the communication signal from the HDMI connector for Consumer Electronics Control (CEC). The signal is exposed through this header for third-party daughter card solutions to monitor and control CEC activity between multiple HDMI devices. HDMI-CEC adapters are available from vendors such as Pulse-Eight*.
Programmable LED (or Recording LED) Provides the output signal for directly driving an LED. It can be used as a general-purpose output signal for custom-made designs. A Windows 7 utility is available on Download Center, that can be used to activate this signal when Windows Media Center* is recording a television show.
3.3V standby Can be used to monitor the presence of 3.3V standby power (in the same manner as the onboard 3.3V standby power LED) or provide power from the 3.3V standby rail.
5V standby Can be used to monitor the presence of 5V standby power or provide power from the 5V standby rail (up to 2A current rating).
SMBus access Provides access to the SMBus interface, which is intended for the detection of All-in-One chassis.
USB port Provides the same function as a one internal USB port (routed here for convenience).

The following tables show the header names and pin-outs for the boards that include this header.

Click (+) or the section descriptions to expand the content:

DH61AG - HTPC header

DN2800MT - Custom solutions header

DH77DF - HTPC header

DH61AGL - System ID / Custom solutions header

DQ77KB - Custom solutions header

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This applies to:

Intel® Desktop Board DH61AG
Intel® Desktop Board DH61AGL
Intel® Desktop Board DH77DF
Intel® Desktop Board DN2800MT
Intel® Desktop Board DQ77KB

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Last Modified: 06-Nov-2014
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