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Criteria for Physical Damage

To learn more about product damage definitions and prevention tips, see the Warranty Services page on processors and desktop boards.

The product definitions and prevention tips describe common failure reasons for processors and motherboards due to external causes. Each item has a brief definition with a link to more information that can help prevent the damage in the future.

Number Defect Symptom Examples


Cut traces


Thermally damaged traces or PCB


Connector damages – damages impacting the mechanical integrity, mating, form, fit, and function

DIMM is totally broken at the edge. Memory module does not sit in the connector

LAN connector pins are bent and can cause functional failures.


Component damage - damages impacting the mechanical contact and includes missing components

Pad is damaged (not repairable)

Pad is damaged (not repairable)


Corrosion impacting PCB with obvious customer abuse.


Tooling holes damage with exposed fiber


Thermally damaged components


PCB edge damages


Unapproved rework


Damaged pins on LGA 775 Socket

Multiple pin damage in different locations

Three pins damaged in the same location

Single pin damage

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