Desktop Boards
Intel® Desktop Board DP45SG
Tested Peripherals

The Intel® Desktop Board DP45SG was tested with selected hardware peripherals.

The focus of the testing was to make sure that no obvious issues existed between the desktop board and hardware peripherals.

  • The tests do not qualify the hardware peripherals against the desktop board.
  • No attempt has been made to test every available peripheral.
  • Inclusion on the hardware peripherals list should not be considered an endorsement by Intel.
  • Intel makes no claims about peripherals that are not on the list.

Testing method

A sample of publicly available hardware peripherals were used to determine if the Intel® Desktop Boards achieved a high level of compatibility. The Intel Desktop Boards successfully completed a number of system tests. The test descriptions and configuration vary throughout the testing, so they are not listed.

The test results provide a sample of the Intel Desktop Board functionality. Changes made by the peripheral manufacturers can affect operation of their products with Intel Desktop Boards. Intel does not retest the desktop board when any part of the test hardware or its configuration changes (for example, drivers, BIOS/firmware revisions).

Successful test results do not guarantee compatibility with other hardware. System integrators should continually verify compatibility of specific peripherals.

Tested peripherals

Manufacturer Description Model number
Audio devices
Creative* 7.1 speakers T7900
Logitech* Quick Cam Pro 5000 LZ722BB
Microsoft* Wecam LX-7000
Pyro* 1394 webcam
Card readers
Kingston* 19 in 1 Media Reader FCR-HS219/1FE
Drives - optical
Liteon* DVD RW HAS 120
Pioneer* DVD Blue Ray BDC-SO2BK
Pioneer DVR-215DBK
Plextor* SATA DVD Multi-Recorder PX-810SA
Samsung* DVD ROM SH-S203D
Super Write* DVD RW SH-S203B/BEBN
Drives - Floppy
Mitsumi* USB Floppy U356244
Drives - SATA/eSATA
LACIE* 500 GB External 11408003200376QR
Hitachi* 1 TB DeskStar 7200RPM HDS721010KLA330
Maxtor* 160 GB DiamondMax 21. 9DS112-329
Maxtor 300 GB DiamondMax10 6V300F0
Seagate* 250 GB Barracuda 7200 ST3160815AS
Seagate 160 GB Barracuda 7200 ST3160815AS
Seagate 80 GB Barracuda 7200 ST3380815AS
Seagate 1 TB Barracuda 7200 ST31000340NS
Vantec* Nexstar.3 external hard drive 3.5" ST380013AS
Western Digital* 160 GB WD1600AAJS
Western Digital 500 GB, USB 2.0, FireWire 400, eSATA WDH1CS5000
Drives - USB (external, thumb)
Nextstar* 3.5" external harddisk
Graphics cards
Asus* Nvidia EN9800 GTX
Asus NVIDIA EN8500GT Silent Magic
ATI* HD3870
EVGA* GeForce 8800 GTS
Galaxy* PCI-e 512MB DDR3 256Bit w/HDTV/Dual DVI GF 9600GT
Gigabyte* 8800GTS
Nvdia* Quadro FX 1700
Nvdia GeForce 8600GT
Nvidia 7900
Nvidia 7600GT
Nvdia EN8400GS
Nvdia EN9800GTX
PNY* NVIDIA Quadro NVS 290
LG 19" LCD L1953TR
Samsung 19" LCD. 193W
Network cards
Intel® PRO/1000 PT Desktop Adapter ver:
Power supplies
AcBEL* 800W PC6018
AcBEL 750W
Thermaltake* 1200W PUC1200V
RAID controllers
Adaptec* 1430
Adaptec AAR-1430SA
High Point* RocketRAID 2314
TV tuners
Aver Media* TVHD MCE A180
Hauppauge* WinTV- PVR 350
Hauppauge Win TV PVR 150
Kworld Win* TV-PVR 878
Wireless adapters
3 COM* Office Connect Wireless 54Mbps 11g Compact USB Adapter 3CRUSB10075
D-Link* Wireless G Desktop Adapter DWA-510

This applies to:

Intel® Desktop Board DP45SG

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