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Intel® NUC Board DCP847SKE
Board Layout

The diagram identifies the main components of Intel® NUC Board DCP847SKE and the board installed in the Intel® NUC Kit DCCP847DYE.

Top of board

Label Description
A Battery
B Standby power LED
C Processor fan header
D Onboard power button
E Power LED
F Hard Disk Drive LED
G Thermal solution

Bottom of board

Label Description
A Back panel connectors
B PCI Express* Full-Mini Card connector
C PCI Express* Half-Mini Card connector
D Front panel dual-port USB 2.0 header
E BIOS setup configuration jumper
F Front panel USB 2.0 connector
G Front panel header
H DDR3 SO-DIMM 2 socket
I DDR3 SO-DIMM 1 socket
J Internal DC power connector

Back panel

Label Description
B HDMI connector 2
C HDMI connector 1
D USB 2.0 port
E USB 2.0 port
F 19 V DC input jack

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This applies to:

Intel® NUC Board DCP847SKE
Intel® NUC Kit DCCP847DYE

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