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Intel® Desktop Board DB43LD
System Memory

System memory features

The Intel® Desktop Board DB43LD supports the dual or single channel memory configurations defined below.

  • Two 240-pin Double Data Rate 2 (DDR2) SDRAM Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM) connectors with gold-plated contacts
  • Support for:
    • Non-ECC, 1.8 V, DDR2 800/667 MHz memory
    • Serial Presence Detect (SPD) memory only
    • Unbuffered, non-registered single- or double-sided DIMMs (except double-sided DIMMs with x16 organization)
  • Memory configurations listed below:
    • Up to 2.0 GB utilizing 512 Mb technology
    • Up to 4.0 GB utilizing 1 Gb technology
    • Up to 8.0 GB utilizing 2 Gb technology
  • A minimum of 512 MB of total memory is required
Notes To be fully compliant with all applicable Intel® SDRAM memory specifications, the board should be populated with DIMMs that support the Serial Presence Detect (SPD) data structure. If your DIMMs do not support SPD, you will see a notification to this effect on the screen at power up. The BIOS will attempt to configure the memory controller for normal operation.

System resources and hardware (such as PCI Express) require physical memory address locations that can reduce available addressable system memory. This could result in a reduction of as much as 1 GB or more of physical addressable memory being available to the operating system and applications, depending on the system configuration and operating system.

Supported memory configurations

DIMM Type SDRAM Technology Smallest usable DIMM (one x16 single-sided DIMM) Largest usable DIMM (one x8 double-sided DIMM) Maximum capacity with two identical x8 double-sided DIMMs
DDR2 667 512 Mbit 256 MB 1 GB 2 GB
DDR2 667 1 Gbit 512 MB 2 GB 4 GB
DDR2 667 2 Gbit 1 GB 4 GB 8 GB
DDR2 800 512 Mbit 256 MB 1 GB 2 GB
DDR2 800 1 Gbit 512 MB 2 GB 4 GB
DDR2 800 2 Gbit 1 GB 4 GB 8 GB

Tested memory

3rd Party Tested Memory
3rd party tested memory occurs as requested by the memory vendors and is tested at an independent memory house that is not a part of Intel - Computer Memory Test Labs (CMTL).

Vendor self tested memory
Intel supplies the memory vendors that participate in this program with a common memory test plan to use as a basic checkout of the memory stability. Memory listed here was either tested by the memory vendor or by Intel using this test plan. These part numbers may not be readily available throughout the product life cycle.

The table below lists parts which passed testing conducted using Intel's Self Test program for Intel® Desktop Board DB43LD.

Module Supplier/Module Part Number

Module Size

Module Speed (MHz)

Latency CL-tRCD-tRP

ECC or Non-ECC?

DIMM Organization

Module Date Code

Component Used/Comp Part Number

Elixir* M2Y51264TU88B4B-3C 512 MB 667 5-5-5 Non-ECC SSx8 0724 Elixir N2TU51280BE-3C
Elpida* BEU06464D4B71PE-30 512 MB 667 5-5-5 Non-ECC SSx8 0724 Elpida E720H8G09ZW0
Kingston* KGM099-PSG 512 MB 667 5-5-5 Non-ECC SSx8 NA PSC* A3R12E3GEF
Qimonda* 64T64000EU2.5B2 512 MB 800 6-6-6 Non-ECC SSx8 0713 Qimonda HYB18T512
Samsung M378T6553ZS-CE6 512 MB 667 5-5-5 Non-ECC SSx8 NA Samsung K4T510830E

This applies to:

Intel® Desktop Board DB43LD

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