Intel® Desktop Board DZ68AF
Board Components Diagram

The diagram below identifies the major components on the Intel® Desktop Board DZ68AF.

Label Description
A PCI Conventional bus add-in card connector
B PCI Express* x1 add-in card connector
C IEEE 1394a front panel header
D PCI Express x1 bus add-in card connector
E PCI Express* x16 bus add-in card connector
F Back panel connectors
G Processor core power connector (2 x 2)
H Rear chassis fan header
I LGA1155 processor socket
J Processor fan header
K DIMM 3 (Channel A DIMM 0)
L DIMM 1 (Channel A DIMM 1)
M DIMM 4 (Channel B DIMM 0)
N DIMM 2 (Channel B DIMM 1)
O Front chassis fan header
P Chassis intrusion header
Q Low Pin Count (LPC) Debug header
R Consumer IR receiver (input) header
S Consumer IR emitter (output) header
T Main power connector (2 x 12)
U Battery
V Piezoelectric speaker
W Intel® Z68 Express Chipset
X SATA connectors
Y Front panel header
Z Alternate front panel power LED header
AA BIOS Setup configuration jumper block
BB Front panel USB 2.0 headers (4)
CC Standby power LED
DD S/PDIF out header
EE Front panel audio header

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Intel® Desktop Board DZ68AF

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