Intel® Desktop Board D945PDK
System Memory

System memory features

The board has four DIMM sockets and support the following memory features:

  • 1.8 V (only) DDR2 SDRAM DIMMs with gold-plated contacts
  • Unbuffered, non-registered single or double-sided DIMMs with the following restriction: Double-sided DIMMs with x16 organization are not supported.
  • 2 GB maximum total system memory
  • Minimum total system memory: 512 MB
  • Non-ECC DIMMs
  • Serial Presence Detect
  • DDR2 800, DDR2 667, or DDR2 533 MHz SDRAM DIMMs

To be fully compliant with all applicable DDR SDRAM memory specifications, the board should be populated with DIMMs that support the Serial Presence Detect (SPD) data structure. This allows the BIOS to read the SPD data and program the chipset to accurately configure memory settings for optimum performance. If non-SPD memory is installed, the BIOS will attempt to correctly configure the memory settings, but performance and reliability may be impacted or the DIMMs may not function under the determined frequency.

Supported DIMM configurations
The following table lists the supported DIMM configurations.

DIMM Capacity Configuration SDRAM Density SDRAM Organization Front-side/Back-side Number of SDRAM Devices
256 MB SS 256 Mbit 32 M x 8/empty 8
256 MB SS 512 Mbit 32 M x 16/empty 4
512 MB DS 256 Mbit 32 M x 8/32 M x 8 16
512 MB SS 512 Mbit 64 M x 8/empty 8
512 MB SS 1 Gbit 64 M x 16/empty 4
1024 MB SS 1 Gbit 128 M x 8/empty 8
1024 MB DS 512 Mbit 64 M x 8/64 M x 8 16
2048 MB DS 1 Gbit 128 M x 8/128 M x 8 16

In the second column, "DS" refers to double-sided memory modules (containing two rows of SDRAM) and "SS" refers to single-sided memory modules (containing one row of SDRAM).
Regardless of the DIMM type used, the memory frequency will either be equal to or less than the processor system bus frequency. For example, if DDR2 667 memory is used with a 533 MHz system bus frequency processor, the memory will operate at 533 MHz. The table below lists the resulting operating memory frequencies based on the combination of DIMMs and processors.

DIMM Type Processor system bus frequency Resulting memory frequency
DDR2 533 533 MHz 533 MHz
DDR2 533 800 MHz 533 MHz
DDR2 533 1066 MHz 533 MHz
DDR2 667 533 MHz 533 MHz
DDR2 667 800 MHz 667 MHz
DDR2 667 1066 MHz 667 MHz
DDR2 800 533 MHz 533 MHz
DDR2 800 800 MHz 800 MHz
DDR2 800 1066 MHz 800 MHz

Tested memory

Vendor self tested memory
Intel supplies the memory vendors that participate in this program with a common memory test plan to use as a basic checkout of the memory stability. Memory listed here was either tested by the memory vendor or by Intel using this test plan. These part numbers may not be readily available throughout the product life cycle.

The table below lists parts which passed testing conducted using Intel's Self Test program for the Intel® Desktop Board D945PDK.

Module Supplier / Module Part Number Module Size Module Speed (MHz) Latency CL-tRCD-tRP ECC or Non-ECC? DIMM Organization Module Date Code Component Used / Comp Part Number
A-DATA* M20AD5G3H3160L1C59/512 512MB 667 5-5-5 Non-ECC SS:64M x 8 90728 A-DATA AD29608A8A-3EG
A-DATA M20HY5G31417081C5Z 1G 667 5-5-5 Non-ECC DS:64X16 0720 HYNIX* HY5PS12821EFF-Y5
A-DATA M20HY5G3H3160S1C5Z/512 512MB 667 5-5-5 Non-ECC SS:64M x 8 721AA Hynix HY5PS12821E FP-Y5
A-DATA M20AD2G3H31601B58 512X8 512 MB 533 4-4-4 Non-ECC SS:32Mx16 80732 A-DATA AD29608A8A-37DG
A-DATA RedDragon(CN) Vitesta(TW) Extreme Edition
M20ad5g3141761c52 1GX16
1GB 667 5-5-5 Non-ECC DS:64MX8 0718 A-DATA RedDragon(CN) Vitesta(TW) Extreme Edition
1 GB 533 4-4-4 Non-ECC DS:32M x 16 0732 A-DATA
CORSAIR* VS512MB667D2 512M 667 5-5-5 Non-ECC SS:32M x 8 N/A CORSAIR 64M8CFEGPS0900638
1GB 800 5-5-5 Non-ECC DS:64MX8 0734 CORSAIR XMS2
1GB 667 5-5-5 Non-ECC DS:32MX8 0712 CORSAIR XMS2Nanya
Hynix* HYMP512U64BP8-C4 AB 1 GB 533 4-4-4 Non-ECC DS:512Mx8 537A Hynix HY5PS12821B FP-C4
Kingston* KVR667D2N5/512 512MB 667 5-5-5 Non-ECC SS:64Mx8 0726A Hynix HY5PS12821C FP-Y5 C
1 GB 533 4-4-4 Non-ECC DS:64M x 8 0710 MOSEL*
256 MB 533 4-4-4 Non-ECC SS:32M x 16 0701097FC ELPIDA* TwnE5116AHS1-6E-E
256MB 667 5-5-5 Non-ECC SS:32M x 8 0701 ELPIDA
Kingston KVR533D2N4/512 512 MB 533 4-4-4 Non-ECC SS:64Mx8 646AA Hynix HY5PS12821B FP-C4 A
Kingston KVR667D2N5/1G 1G 667 5-5-5 Non-ECC DS:64M x 8 0724 ELPIDA THNE5108AGBG-6E-E
512MB 667 5-5-5 Non-ECC SS:64 M x 8 0710 Micron

This applies to:

Intel® Desktop Board D945PDK

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