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Intel« Desktop Board D945GCPE
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This product guide gives information about board layout, components installation, BIOS update, and regulatory requirements. The chapters in the product guide are arranged as follows:

  1. Desktop Board Features: a summary of product features
  2. Installing and Replacing Desktop Board Components: instructions on how to install the Desktop Board and other hardware components
  3. Updating the BIOS: instructions on how to update the BIOS
  1. Error Messages and Indicators: information about BIOS error messages and beep codes
  2. Regulatory Compliance: describes the adherence of the board to safety standards and EMC regulations and its productácertifications
icon áIntel® Desktop Board D945GCPE Product Guide - English (PDF)
File Name: D945GCPE_ProductGuide01_English.pdf
Size: 4,679,132 bytes
Date: June 2007

icon áSimplified Chinese D945GCPE Product Guide (PDF)
File Name: D945GCPE_ProductGuide01_SChinese.pdf
Size: 4,431,180 bytes
Date: June 2007

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Intel« Desktop Board D945GCPE

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