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Xircom� SpringPort Wireless Data Adapter (SWD)
Setting Up MultiMail on a Handspring* Visor*/Visor Deluxe*

Some information needed to complete this configuration is provided by your particular Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you don't have the correct information to enter into the appropriate fields, please contact your ISP for this information. MultiMail* comes with your Xircom® SpringPort Wireless Data Module.

In order to send and receive email using the HandSpring* Visor* and your SpringPort* Modem*, use MultiMail*.

Configure MultiMail as follows:

  1. Turn on the Handspring Visor/Visor Deluxe, insert the Xircom® SpringPort 56K GlobalACCESS Modem Adapter (SM56GA) into the expansion port, and tap the MultiMail icon.

  2. Tap the Menu button (located in the lower left hand corner of the Visor's graffiti writing area, directly below the home key).

  3. Tap Options, then tap on Mail Server.

  4. Look on your Visor's Home menu.

    - If you see an icon that says MultiMail SE, then your version is MultiMail Special Edition - skip to step 5.

    - If you see an icon that says MultiMail, then your version is MultiMail Professional - Select mailbox #1. If that mailbox is in use, tap the next number until you find one that does not have any server information configured.

  5. Next, tap the Title line, remove anything that may be in there, and enter a name describing the new mail server.

  6. Tap the top Server line. Enter in the incoming mail server's name (example: pop3.mail.housenet.com).

  7. Select the type of server you may have either POP3 or IMAP4. The selection will turn dark if you tap on it.

  8. Tap the Username line and enter your username.

  9. If you would like MultiMail to prompt you each time you login to the new mailbox then skip to step 12.

  10. Tap the word Blank. A Password Entry dialogue box should now pop up.

  11. Tap the New Password line so that you have a blinking cursor. Enter your password and tap OK.

  12. Next tap the SMTP button on the bottom of your screen to setup your outgoing mail server. If you will not be sending mail out via MultiMail or if you do not have an outbound mail server, then skip to step 18.

  13. Tap the top Server line in the SMTP Options box and enter in your SMTP server's name (example: smtp.housenet.com).

  14. Next, tap the top email line and enter in your email address.

  15. Tap the top Name line and enter your name as you would like to see it on your outbound email.

  16. If your SMTP's port number is different than the value listed, then enter it on the Port Number line. Next, tap the OK button on the bottom left-hand corner of the SMTP Options box.

  17. If your email server's port number is not 110, then tap the More buttons on the bottom of the screen, change the value of the port that is listed, and tap the OK button. Otherwise, continue to step 18.

  18. Verify that all settings are correct and tap the OK button. Upon doing so, you will be brought back to the MultiMail program. You will notice that at the top of the screen you will now see your new mail server's name. Connect to your ISP and select either "Receive" (for POP3) or "Quick Sync" for IMAP4).

This applies to:

Xircom� SpringPort Wireless Data Adapter (SWD)

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Last Modified: 02-Jan-2013
Date Created: 15-Nov-2004
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