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Intel® InBusiness™ Storage Station
Product Discontinuation Statement

Effective November 30, 2000, Intel announced the discontinuation of the following Intel® InBusiness™ network products. The following Intel products designated by their respective Intel product codes will be discontinued:

Intel Product Code Description
SHD110TX12US Intel® InBusiness™ Storage Station 12 GB
SHD110TX24US Intel® InBusiness™ Storage Station 24 GB
SHD110TX30US Intel® InBusiness™ Storage Station 30GB
SHD110TX60US Intel® InBusiness™ Storage Station 60GB

Product Discontinuation Schedule:

November 30, 2000 Product Discontinuation Announcement Date
December 29, 2000 Last Order Date (subject to product availability)
February 23, 2001 Last Delivery Date (subject to product availability)
February 22, 2002 Interactive Support discontinued
February 28, 2004 Warranty services discontinued
February 28, 2004 Automated online self-help services discontinued

Q1. What if I have problems with any of these products and need an RMA? Will Intel still honor the warranty?
A1. Intel® InBusiness™ Storage Station has a 3-year limited warranty from date of purchase. Intel will honor this warranty for the original owner for the entire 3-year period with proof of purchase. As final shipments are scheduled for February 23, 2001, the last possible date for warranty claims is February 28, 2004.

Q2. Why is Intel discontinuing these products?
A2. Intel made a decision to discontinue these products due to a change in customer requirements in this market segment.

Q3. How long will Intel provide support for these products?
A3. Technical troubleshooting information will continue via our online services through February 28, 2004. Interactive Support via Intel's technicians will continue through February 28, 2002.

This applies to:

Intel® InBusiness™ Storage Station

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