Graphics Drivers
Microsoft* Windows NT* 4.0 Graphics Driver Installation Troubleshooting

If the graphics drivers for Microsoft* Windows NT* 4.0 fail to install, the following steps should be used to troubleshoot the issue:

  • Make sure that Service Pack 6 or later of Windows NT 4.0* is installed prior to the graphics driver installation.
  • If the setup.exe or self-extracting installation method fails, try using the manual (Have Disk...) installation method. This will often work around any issues and allow the graphics driver to install successfully. Manual installation instructions are located in the readme.txt file for the driver.
  • Verify that the minimum system memory requirement is met. For Intel® 82810 and 82815 graphics controllers, 64 MB of system memory is required. For the Intel® Extreme Graphics products, 128 MB of system memory is required.
  • Only Windows NT 4.0 Workstation is supported. The server versions are not supported by the graphics drivers.

Operating System:

Windows NT 4.0*

This applies to:

Intel® 82810 Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (GMCH)
Intel® 82815 Graphics Controller
Intel® 82845G Graphics Controller
Intel® 82865G Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (GMCH)

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