Identifying the TV-Out or DVI Chip Used with Integrated Graphics

Systems with integrated graphics often use a third party chip that interacts with the integrated graphics controller to provide TV-out or DVI (Digital Flat Panel connector) functionality. AIM (Add-In Module) drivers for supported chips are included in the standard Intel® Extreme Graphics Driver package and are automatically installed during the main graphics driver installation.

To determine what third party TV-out or DVI chip is used:

  1. Make sure the Intel® Extreme Graphics Drivers PV 13.x or lower are installed.
  2. Start Device Manager (Start » Settings » Control Panel » System » Hardware » Device Manager).
  3. Locate the heading for Intel® AIM 3.0 Codec.
  4. Expand this heading by clicking the + (plus sign) to the left of Intel AIM 3.0 Codec.
  5. Abbreviated names for the TV-out and DVI chips are listed here.
See the table below:

Abbreviation Manufacturer Web site
CH Chrontel*
FO Focus Enhancements*
SI Silicon Image*
NA/NS National Semiconductor*
TH Thine Electronics*
PH Philips Semiconductors*

Note These instructions work with Windows* Vista, Windows* XP or Windows* 2000. Earlier versions of Windows do not display the AIM devices in Device Manager.  These instructions do not work with Windows* 7 or newer operating systems.
Note If the "Intel AIM 3.0 Codec" section does not appear in Device Manager and the graphics drivers are installed, then no TV-out or DVI chips have been detected or you are using a driver version higher than PV13.x.

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This applies to:

Intel® 82845G Graphics Controller
Intel® 82852/82855 Graphics Controller Family
Intel® 82865G Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (GMCH)

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