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Incorrect Video Mode if Unattended, Sysprep, or RIS Install of Windows 2000*


  • Unattended, Sysprep, or RIS installation of Windows* 2000 does not set the correct default video mode.
  • During an unattended installation of Microsoft Windows 2000 products, the Intel® Extreme Graphics Driver may not set the resolution and color depth set in the answer file (unattend.txt). After the installation completes, the desktop resolution is set to 640x480x8 bit color.


This behavior occurs because the operating system attempts to set the video mode prior to complete installation of the Intel® Extreme Graphics Driver.


A workaround is available with the Intel® Extreme Graphics Driver PV11.4.1 or later.
To implement this workaround using Intel Extreme Graphics Driver PV11.4.1, download the "Unattended Installation Kit" for Microsoft Windows* 2000 from the link below. This kit contains Microsoft Windows 2000 registry key files for the common video modes, and a "cmdlines.txt" file that specifies the registry key file to use during unattended installation. This method bypasses any resolution settings in the answer file (unattend.txt).


Size: 2778
Date: July 2005

  1. Extract the downloaded zip file onto a floppy disk.
  2. Edit the CMDLINES.TXT file to specify the registry file containing the desktop resolution that is required.
  3. Copy the CMDLINES.TXT file into the \i386\$OEM$ directory of your installation image.
  4. Copy the registry file that was specified in Step 2 to the \i386\$OEM$ directory of your installation image.

\i386\unattend.txt - No changes needed to implement workaround
\i386\$OEM$\CMDLINES.TXT - Edit the file to reference 1024x768x32.REG
\i386\$OEM$\1024x768x32.REG -Add this file into the directory.

Execute the installation command line using the following format:

    winnt /s:<installation source path> /u:<answer file>

c:\i386\winnt.exe /s:c:\i386 /u:c:\i386\unattend.txt

(CMDLINE.TXT assumes regedit.exe resides in the \i386 directory. Edit CMDLINES.TXT if your installation source path differs.)

Note An additional reboot may be required after the desktop is displayed in order to load the video driver

Relevant information:
Microsoft Windows* 2000 Professional

This applies to:

Intel® 82830M Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (GMCH)
Intel® 82852/82855 Graphics Controller Family

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Last Modified: 05-Oct-2014
Date Created: 01-Jan-2003
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