Intel® 82G965 Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (GMCH)
Quake 4* Game May Experience Choppy Play

Quake 4* game is playable on the Intel® G965 Express Chipset and the Mobile Intel® GM965 Express Chipset. However, this game may experience choppy play due to low frame rates (frames per second or FPS).

Based on extensive testing, Intel suggests using the following game setting values for an optimal experience on the Quake 4 game:

System settings

  • Video Quality = High Quality
  • Screen Size = 640x480
  • Aspect Ratio = Standard (4:3)
  • Fullscreen = Yes

Advanced settings

  • High Quality Special Effects = Yes
  • Enable Shadows = Yes
  • Enable Specular = Yes
  • Enable Bump Maps = Yes
  • Enable Detail Sky = Yes
  • Force Ambient Light = No
  • Ambient Brightness = 0
  • Vertical Sync = No
  • Antialiasing = Off
  • Multiple CPU/Core = Yes

Use the latest version of the Intel® graphics driver to resolve this issue. Refer to the driver README file for installation instructions as needed.

Operating System:

Windows XP Professional*, Windows XP Home Edition*

This applies to:

Intel® 82G965 Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (GMCH)
Mobile Intel® 965 Express Chipset Family

Solution ID: CS-023694
Last Modified: 28-Oct-2014
Date Created: 14-Nov-2006
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