Intel® G45 Express Chipset
Assassin's Creed* Game is Playable

Assassin's Creed* game is playable on the Intel® G45 Express Chipset when using DirectX 9*, but slow or choppiness may be seen during game play due to low frame rate or frames per second. Individual game experience may vary depending on the game application's version and the computer's configuration.

Intel suggests using the game setting values listed below and the latest Intel® Graphics Driver for the best possible experience with this game. Additional information may be available at the game developer's website.

Game settings:

  • Resolution = 800x600
  • Refresh Rate = 60Hz
  • Multisampling = 1/3
  • Shadows = 1/3
  • Vertical Sync = OFF
  • Brightness = 5/10
  • Post FX = OFF
  • Graphic Quality = 1/4
  • Level of Detail = 1/4

Use of the latest version of the Intel® Graphics Driver is recommended. Refer to the driver README file for installation instructions as needed.

Operating System:

Windows Vista*, Windows Vista 32*, Windows XP Professional*, Windows XP Media Center Edition*

This applies to:

Intel® G45 Express Chipset

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Last Modified: 18-Sep-2015
Date Created: 17-Jun-2009