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ADD2 Card Support


An ADD2 card is an adapter card inserted into the PCI Express* port of a computer running one of the following Intel® chipsets:

ADD2 cards use the PCI Express x16 port to get serial digital video out (SDVO) signals from the Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (GMCH). ADD2 cards allow configurations for TV-out, LVDS, and TMDS output (for example, televisions and digital displays/flat panels). Combined with an Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator driver, ADD2 cards can be used to display output to a television, digital display, or simultaneously to a monitor and digital display.


ADD2 cards have display output options that expand the range of display devices supported by a computer. Some examples of SDVO devices for use on ADD2 cards (available through third parties) are:

  • Combo devices:
    • Dual Link DVI: dual independent DVI displays
    • TV-out (composite): primary or secondary TV-out display (standard definition in PAL or NTSC formats)
    • HDTV-out: primary or secondary HDTV display
    • VGA-out: drive second RGB independent display
  • DVI: primary or secondary DVI display
  • LVDS: LVDS interface for integrated flat panel
  • HDMI: main or secondary HDTV display
Note ADD2 cards are only compatible in computers with Intel® G41, G43, G45, Q43, Q45, G35, G33, G31, Q33, Q35, G965, Q965, Q963, 946GZ, 915G or 945G Express chipsets and a PCI Express slot. ADD2 cards cannot be inserted into an AGP computer slot (for example: computers using an Intel® 845G or 865G chipset).


Unless purchased with an Intel® Desktop Board, technical support for ADD2 card hardware should be directed to the original manufacturer of the card. If the issue appears to be with the graphics driver software, contact Intel Support, your computer manufacturer, and/or place of purchase of the card for assistance.

Note Intel offers email support for only the latest generations of Intel graphics products. Email support is not available for some older graphics products.

Purchasing and availability

End users with computers running Intel® G45, G43, G41, Q43, Q45, G35, G33, G31, Q33, Q31, G965, Q965, Q963, 946GZ, 915G or 945G Express Chipsets should contact their computer manufacturer or local computer reseller for availability of ADD2 cards.

Operating System:

Windows Vista 64*, Windows Vista Home Basic, 32-bit*, Windows Vista Home Premium, 32-bit*, Windows Vista Business, 32-bit*, Windows Vista Enterprise, 32-bit*, Windows Vista Ultimate, 32-bit*, Windows Vista Home Basic, 64-bit*, Windows Vista Home Premium, 64-bit*, Windows Vista Business, 64-bit*, Windows Vista Enterprise, 64-bit*, Windows Vista Ultimate, 64-bit*, Windows Vista*, Windows Vista 32*, Windows 2000*, Windows XP 64-bit Edition*, Windows XP Professional*, Windows XP Home Edition*, Windows XP Media Center Edition*

This applies to:

Intel® 82915G/82910GL Express Chipset Family
Intel® 82945G Express Chipset
Intel® 82946GZ Graphics Controller
Intel® 82G965 Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (GMCH)
Intel® 82Q963 Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (GMCH)
Intel® 82Q965 Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (GMCH)
Intel® G31 Express Chipset
Intel® G33 Express Chipset
Intel® G35 Express Chipset
Intel® G41 Express Chipset
Intel® G43 Express Chipset
Intel® G45 Express Chipset
Intel® Q33 Express Chipset
Intel® Q35 Express Chipset
Intel® Q43 Express Chipset
Intel® Q45 Express Chipset

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