Intel® 82815 Graphics Controller
Supported Screen Resolutions, Color Depth, and Refresh Rates (Older Products)

These specifications apply only to the Intel® 815 Chipset Family. Some monitors and/or systems may not support the full range of supported resolutions and refresh rates. Please refer to your monitor or system manufacturer for more information.

(horiz x vert)
Color Depth**
(bits per pixel)
Refresh Rate
2D Applications 640x480 4,8,16,24 60,70,72,75,85,100
800x600 8,16,24 60,70,72,75,85,100
1024x768 8,16,24 60,70,72,75,85,100
1152x864 8,16,24 60,70,72,75,85
1280x1024 8,16,24* 60,70,72,75,85
1600x1200 8 60,70,72,75
3D Applications 640x480 16 60,70,72,75,85,100
800x600 16 60,70,72,75,85,100
1024x768 16 60,70,75,85,100

* 24 at 60, 70, 75, 85 only

Additional digital display modes:
848x480 screen resolution for digital displays that support this mode. 1400x1050 reduced blanking mode screen resolution for digital displays that support this mode.
4bpp = 16 colors
8bpp = 256 colors
16bpp = 65,536 colors
24bpp = 16 million colors

Note "bpp" is the abbreviation for bits per pixel.
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Intel® 82815 Graphics Controller

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