Intel® 82815 Graphics Controller
Supported Screen Resolutions, Color Depths, and Video Modes




The Intel® 82815 graphics controller supports video modes from 640x480 (at 8-,16-, or 24-bit color) to 1600x1200 (at 8-bit color) for 2D applications and games. For 3D applications and games, video modes from 640x480 to 1024x768 with 16-bit color are supported.

A complete list of supported screen resolutions, color depths and refresh rates can be found in the Intel® 82815 graphics controller video modes table.

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Operating System:

Windows 95 OSR 2.x*, Windows 98*, Windows 98 SE*, Windows 2000*, Windows Me*, Windows NT 4.0*, Windows XP Professional*, Windows XP Home Edition*

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Intel® 82815 Graphics Controller

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