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Intel® Galileo Board and Gen 2 Linux Operating System Image
Image enables the Wi-Fi drivers and sketch persistent.

Software File size File type
SD-Card Linux Image 48 MB .bz2

Arduino Software 1.6.0 - Intel 1.0.4

Operating system File size File type
Linux 32-bit 140 MB .tgz
Linux 64-bit 147 MB .tgz
Mac OS X 229 MB .zip
Windows 304 MB .7z

Intel® Galileo Firmware Updater Tool
Intel Galileo Firmware Updater Tool 1.0.4

Intel Arduino previous release
Intel Arduino IDE 1.5.3

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Release Notes

Board Support Package (BSP)
Instructions on how to build the Intel Galileo run time image from the Intel® Quark™ SoC BSP release 1.0.1, including Intel Galileo specific patches.

Downloads File Size File type
BSP Patches and Build Instructions 9 KB .txt

Board Flashing Files

Software File size File type Notes
Flash Missing PDAT Release 8 MB .bin This image is for In-System-Programming of the Intel Galileo SPI flash, using a tool such as a DediProg SF-100. The file must be prepared with the SPI flash tool in the Quark™ BSP with the platform ID of the Intel Galileo or Intel Galileo Gen2 and the MAC address from the sticker on your board.
Flash Missing PDAT Release 7 MB .cap This image is already embedded in the IDE; therefore it is only necessary if you need to flash SPI directly via serial connection.

GPL Compliances Files

Yocto for Intel® Quark™ SoC Technology
Source File File size File type
Board Support Package (Yocto archive 1 of 2) 1.2 GB .bz2
Board Support Package (Yocto archive 2 of 2) 774 MB .bz2

Intel® Quark™ SoC BSP sources
Source File File size File type
GPL Compliance Toolchain 235 MB .bz2

Intel Arduino* IDE 1.5.3 source code
Source File File size File type
GPL Compliance IDE Source 235 MB .bz2

Additional Intel Galileo software versions
Intel supports the latest software and images for Intel Galileo. We offer access to these older versions for your convenience. Support for older software versions is not available.

View older versions of the software and images.

This applies to:

IntelŽ Galileo Board
IntelŽ Galileo Gen 2 Board

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