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TA-1055 - RMFBU Charge Level Update to Resolve Relearn Issue, Extend Usable Life

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For a small percentage of units, the threshold for charge on the gas gauge subassembly might not provide enough margin to accurately judge the health of the super capacitors. This can result in a failure of the RMFBU to complete a learn cycle. This document lists the controllers impacted by this issue.

A modification to the gas gauge charge level thresholds resolves this issue, and can improve the usable life of the super capacitor. See the technical advisory for recommended firmware updates.

Filename: TA-1055-1.pdf
Size: 92 KB
Date: May 2014

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This applies to:

Module RAID intégré Intel® RMS25CB040
Module RAID intégré Intel® RMS25CB080
Module RAID intégré Intel® RMS25PB040
Module RAID intégré Intel® RMS25PB080
Module RAID intégré Intel® RMS3CC040
Module RAID intégré Intel® RMS3CC080
Module RAID intégré Intel® RMT3CB080
Module RAID intégré Intel® RMT3PB080
Contrôleur RAID Intel® RS25AB080
Contrôleur RAID Intel® RS25SB008
Contrôleur RAID Intel® RS3DC040
Contrôleur RAID Intel® RS3DC080
Contrôleur de cache SSD RAID Intel® RCS25ZB040
Contrôleur de cache SSD RAID Intel® RCS25ZB040LX
Solution ID: CS-034791
Last Modified: 19-Nov-2014
Date Created: 05-May-2014
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