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Boot Issues When Two or More DIMMs Are Installed Per Channel

When two or more DIMMs are installed per channel, you can experience some of these issues:

  • No boot at all.
  • Very slow POST, about 10 minutes from power-on to when OS boots.
  • System boots but some memory slot fault LEDs are lit, and the memory slots are marked as Failed/Disabled.

To work around this issue, make the following change in the BIOS:

BIOS => Advanced => System Acoustic and Performance Configuration => Set Throttling Mode => DCLTT

This issue has been fixed in BIOS release R02.01.0001.

This applies to:

Carte mère Intel® S2600GL pour serveurs
Carte mère Intel® S2600GZ pour serveurs
Systèmes Intel® R1000GL pour serveurs
Systèmes Intel® R1000GZ pour serveurs
Systèmes Intel® R2000GL pour serveurs
Systèmes Intel® R2000GZ pour serveurs
Solution ID: CS-034156
Last Modified: 17-Nov-2014
Date Created: 25-Mar-2013
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