Intel® Dual Band Wireless-N 7260

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Performance Optimization & Use

Steps to create a package with an EAP-FAST profile using Microsoft Windows 7*How To Guides
How do I improve my 802.11n wireless performance?FAQs
Possible interference by other wireless devices may impact 802.11n performanceFAQs
Intel® Wireless Event ViewerHow To Guides
Frequently asked questions - Wi-FiFAQs
How to resolve a system hang with the Meru MC3000 controllerKnown Issues
What are the advanced Wi-Fi adapter settings?How To Guides
Solutions to wireless errors reported by Microsoft Online Crash Analysis (OCA)*Known Issues
Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software Manual Diagnostics Tool.How To Guides
Adding network security details to your profileHow To Guides
TechNote: Access Point interoperability issue with uAPSDTechnical Documents
Single Sign On (SSO) features and FAQFAQs
TechNote: Sporadic wireless disconnects caused by data reordering issueTechnical Documents
IT administrator resourcesHow To Guides
What is Wi-Fi roaming aggressiveness?FAQs
Create a secure ad hoc Wi-Fi networkHow To Guides
Troubleshooting tipsHow To Guides
What is a preamble?FAQs
What is a certificate and how does it apply to me?FAQs
Import wireless profiles using Intel® PROSet/Wireless softwareHow To Guides
Wi-Fi client adapter connection and roaming behaviorKnown Issues
Does Intel® PROSet/Wireless network connection software work with DEP?FAQs
Create a secure Wi-Fi network profileHow To Guides
How to use the Reset PROSet feature in Windows 7*How To Guides
Configuring Windows* domain name for 802.1x connectionHow To Guides
How do I use adapter switching with Intel® PROSet/Wireless software?How To Guides
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General Installation & Configuration

How to remove an Administrator Tool created profileHow To Guides
How to enable EAP-FAST authentication on Microsoft Windows 7*How To Guides
Intel® PROSet/Wireless fails to install properly after upgrade to Windows 8*Known Issues
Update your Wi-Fi adapter driver and Intel® PROSet/Wireless SoftwareHow To Guides
Windows* 8 popup messages when installing or upgradingKnown Issues
Why am I not able to connect at 300 Mbps with my 802.11n device?FAQs
FIPS 140-2 Certification - Questions & AnswersTechnical Documents
How to resolve errors identified by the Intel® Wireless TroubleshooterKnown Issues
Using the updated Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software installation processHow To Guides
Build a home networkHow To Guides
Recommendations prior to upgrading from Windows 7* to Windows 8* or Windows 8.1*How To Guides
Frequently asked questions - Wi-FiFAQs
Silent installation of wireless drivers and PROSet version 13.xHow To Guides
Which file should I download for my wireless adapter?FAQs
How do I perform a silent install of the Intel® PRO/Wireless Driver?How To Guides
How to view statistics of your Wireless Connection in Microsoft Windows 7*FAQs
How to set up a basic encryption on Microsoft* Windows 7FAQs
Wireless Networking OverviewFAQs
Uninstall Intel® PROSet/Wireless SoftwareHow To Guides
How to create an administrator profileFAQs
Uninstalling program features of Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiFi SoftwareHow To Guides
Create a new profileHow To Guides
Silent installation of wireless drivers and Intel® PROSet/Wireless SoftwareHow To Guides
Silent installation of wireless components with Setup.xmlHow To Guides
Intel wireless drivers, software, and installationHow To Guides
How can I tell if my computer is running Windows* 32-bit or 64-bit OS?FAQs
Setting wireless adapter power managementHow To Guides
Quick checks that might improve or fix connection issuesFAQs
Exclude a WiFi networkHow To Guides
Wireless radio cannot be enabled from softwareKnown Issues
Intel® PROSet/Wireless Tools is not present in Network and Sharing CenterKnown Issues
Connect to secure Wi-Fi networks on Windows Vista*, Windows 7* and Windows 8*How To Guides
How to create a Wireless Profile on Microsoft Windows 8*How To Guides
Connect to your wireless network using Intel® PROSet/Wireless SoftwareHow To Guides
Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software IT administrator linksTechnical Documents
Driver wireless event viewer loggingTechnical Documents
What information is gathered in the Advanced Statistics window?FAQs
Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software downloadsTechnical Documents
Using the Intel® WiFi HotSpot AssistantHow To Guides
Intel® PROSet/Wireless Enterprise SoftwareTechnical Documents
Resolving Wi-Fi network connection issuesFAQs
Switch the Wi-Fi radio on using Intel® PROSet/Wireless SoftwareHow To Guides
How to configure NCPA Platform Wake for NetDetectTechnical Documents
How to configure 802.11n channel bonding on Intel Wireless adaptersHow To Guides
How to install Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software for Bluetooth® technologyKnown Issues
Basic Wi-Fi components and terminologyFAQs
How can I change the MAC address for my wireless adapter?FAQs
Set up a secure Wi-Fi connection to the InternetHow To Guides
Accessing the Administrator ToolHow To Guides
Confused about the differences in settings for WEP and WPS?Known Issues
How to create a Wireless Profile on Microsoft* Windows 7FAQs
What do I need in order to connect to a Wi-Fi network?FAQs
Export or import Wi-Fi profilesHow To Guides
How to import a Wireless Profile on Microsoft Windows* 7FAQs
Uninstalling an Intel® WiFi adapter driverHow To Guides
Installation error when installing or swapping Intel wireless adaptersKnown Issues
What are the basic requirements for wireless Internet access?Technical Documents
Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software management ZCfgSvc service functionalityTechnical Documents
Wireless adapter unavailable after uninstall of Intel® PROSet/Wireless SoftwareKnown Issues
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