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Intel® Server System R1304BT Family

Enhance Performance & Maintain

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Performance Optimization & Use

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General Installation & Configuration

Intel® RAID Software User's GuideHow To Guides
Service GuideHow To Guides
Technical Product SpecificationTechnical Documents
Intel® Remote Management Module 4 (Intel® RMM4) and Integrated BMC User GuideTechnical Documents
Demo: How To Perform A Firmware Update On EFI ShellFAQs
Why Does My On-Board RAID Not Detect Connected SAS Disk Drives?FAQs
Platform Confidence Test User GuideHow To Guides
Slow System Response with Windows 7* and SM712 On-Board Video DriverFAQs
Troubleshooting RAID IssuesHow To Guides
RAID Adapter is Not Detected when EFI Optimized Boot is Enabled in BIOSKnown Issues
Rack Rail Safety and Weight LimitsTechnical Documents
Quick Start GuideHow To Guides
Intel® Trusted Platform Module AXXTPME3/AXXTPME5 Hardware User's GuideHow To Guides
TA-979: The 4th Hard Drive Carrier may Have Interference Issue in R1304BTLSHBNKnown Issues
TA-975: Hard Drive Interference Issue may be Observed in R1304BTLSHBNKnown Issues
TA-974: IPMB Functions Might Not be Available on S1200BTLKnown Issues
Intel Embedded Server RAID Technology II (ESRT2) - RAID Simulator ToolHow To Guides
Intel® Rapid Storage Technology enterprise (Intel® RSTe) Windows* GUI SimulatorHow To Guides
Troubleshooting Server System Boot IssuesHow To Guides
NIC Port 1 May Be Disabled When Updating to BIOS 37Known Issues
Newly Added Hard Drive Not Recognized in Operating SystemKnown Issues
TA-977: SGPIO Cable Incompatibility with Some RAID ModulesKnown Issues
TA-983: MiniSAS-to-SATA Cable SGPIO Connector Incompatible with HSBPKnown Issues
Power Budget Analysis ToolFAQs
Comparison of Intel ESRT2 and Intel® RST (Matrix) RAIDFAQs
Interactive Guide: Planning and Deploying the S1200BT FamilyHow To Guides
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