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Intel® Server System SR2600UR Family

Install & Configure

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General Installation & Configuration

Demo: How to perform a firmware update using the EFI* shellHow To Guides
Intel® S5500/S5520 and S3420 Series Server Boards storage optionsHow To Guides
How to configure or reset the Intel® Remote Management Module 3 (Intel® RMM3)FAQs
Demo: How to load the Intel® Embedded Server RAID driver during an OS installFAQs
System configuration utility user guideTechnical Documents
Intel® RAID software users guideHow To Guides
Hardware user's guideHow To Guides
Demo: Configuring Intel® RMM3 using Intel® Deployment Assistant CDHow To Guides
Intel® RAID Smart Battery AXXRSBBU3 installation guide (Li-Ion battery pack)How To Guides
2.5'' Hard Drive Carrier Kit installation guide for Intel® Server Chassis/System
Basic rail kit install guideHow To Guides
Technical product specificationTechnical Documents
Rail Kit and Cable Management Arm (CMA) installation guide
Service guideHow To Guides
TA-949:Onboard and add-in Devices re-enumerate after BIOS updateTechnical Documents
TA986 : Processors run at a lower frequency after performing a BIOS update to 58Technical Documents
Intel System Information Retrieval Utility user guideHow To Guides
White Paper : Serial Over Lan (SOL) for Intel® Server Boards/SystemsTechnical Documents
Slow system response with Windows 2008 R2* or Windows 7* and embedded NIC driverFAQs
TA-951: FRUSDR may not be updated properly with BMC00.48 or BMC00.49 installedKnown Issues
Intel® Server utilities deployment procedure for WinPE*Technical Documents
Troubleshooting RAID issuesHow To Guides
SR2600UR quick start guide - HTML formatHow To Guides
Demo: Series of short demonstrations for the Intel® System Management SoftwareHow To Guides
What is the Active Midplane 2 FALSASMP2?Technical Documents
Quick start guideHow To Guides
Intel® System Event Log (SEL) viewer utility user guideTechnical Documents
Updating FRUSDR for Intel® Server Boards/Systems S5500/S5520/S3420How To Guides
TA-948:Unable to load Linux* or Intel(R) Deployment Assistant from Optical DriveKnown Issues
Intel® RAID Controller command line tool 2 user guideHow To Guides
White Paper : Remote management using SNMP Sub-AgentTechnical Documents
Intermittent connection experienced with Intel® Remote Management Module 3
Low network performance observed with Microsoft Windows 2008 R2*FAQs
Rack-optimized systems backplane and RAID Controller cabling guideHow To Guides
Hardware Specification for discontinued I/O Expansion ModulesTechnical Documents
Slow network performance under Windows Server 2008*Known Issues
Rack rail safety and weight limitsTechnical Documents
Error prompts when using remote console on the Intel® RMM3FAQs
Newly added hard drive not recognized in operating systemKnown Issues
TA-1024: Firmware change required on the FALSASMP2 accessoryKnown Issues
Which port does the Intel® Remote Management Module 3 use for KVM redirection?
Intel® Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (Intel® VT-d)FAQs
Intel® Xeon® Processor 5600 Series support informationTechnical Documents
BMC IP address should not be same as operating system IP addressKnown Issues
Power budget analysis toolHow To Guides
Troubleshooting Intel® Server Board and Intel® Server System Boot IssueHow To Guides
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General Product Information

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Performance Optimization & Use

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