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Intel® Server Board S1200BT

Enhance Performance & Maintain

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Performance Optimization & Use

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General Installation & Configuration

Slow System Response with Windows 7* and SM712 On-Board Video DriverFAQs
Demo: How To Perform A Firmware Update On EFI ShellFAQs
Intel® One Boot Flash Update Utility User GuideHow To Guides
Demo: How to Perform a Firmware Update Using the EFI* ShellHow To Guides
Updating BIOS, FRUSDR and BMC Using the EFI ShellHow To Guides
Service GuideHow To Guides
Technical Product SpecificationTechnical Documents
Intel® Remote Management Module 4 (Intel® RMM4) and Integrated BMC User GuideTechnical Documents
Intel® RAID Controllers Best Practices White PaperHow To Guides
User GuidesTechnical Documents
Troubleshooting Server Boot Issues (Non-Interactive Version)How To Guides
System Configuration UtilityHow To Guides
Platform Confidence Test User GuideHow To Guides
Intel® Trusted Platform Module User GuideTechnical Documents
Intel System Information Retrieval Utility User GuideHow To Guides
Quick Start GuideHow To Guides
Intel® Trusted Platform Module AXXTPME3/AXXTPME5 Hardware User's GuideHow To Guides
Intel System Event Log (SEL) Viewer Utility User GuideHow To Guides
Troubleshooting RAID IssuesHow To Guides
TA-1085: 4Kn and 512e Advanced Format with Intel® RAID and Server BoardsTechnical Documents
TA-987:P4304XXSHCN HSBP Firmware may Get Corrupted in First Time System BootKnown Issues
TA-1088: Navigation Tabs in EWS No Longer Work in Firefox* 38Technical Documents
Troubleshooting Server System Boot IssuesHow To Guides
RAID Adapter is Not Detected when EFI Optimized Boot is Enabled in BIOSKnown Issues
Comparison of Intel ESRT2 and Intel® RST (Matrix) RAIDFAQs
TA-974: IPMB Functions Might Not be Available on S1200BTLKnown Issues
Intel® Rapid Storage Technology enterprise (Intel® RSTe) Windows* GUI SimulatorHow To Guides
Intel Embedded Server RAID Technology II (ESRT2) - RAID Simulator ToolHow To Guides
Unable to Enter BIOS Setup or Intel® RAID BIOS Console During BootHow To Guides
Not All Beep Codes Signal an ErrorFAQs
Power Budget Analysis ToolFAQs
NIC Port 1 May Be Disabled When Updating to BIOS 37Known Issues
Does the Intel® Server Board S1200BT Support NIC Teaming?FAQs
Demo: Series of short demonstrations for the Intel® System Management SoftwareHow To Guides
Interactive Guide: Planning and Deploying the S1200BT FamilyHow To Guides
Demo: Running platform confidence test under EFI* shellHow To Guides
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