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Intel® Server Board S3420GP


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General Installation & Configuration

Troubleshooting server system boot issuesHow To Guides
Troubleshooting RAID issuesHow To Guides
TA-958: Drive errors may occur when using certain 3rd party drives at 3.0 Gb/sKnown Issues
Slow System Response With Windows 2008 R2* or Windows 7* and Embedded NIC DriverFAQs
Updating FRUSDR for Intel® Server Boards/Systems S5500/S5520/S3420How To Guides
Comparison of Intel ESRT2 and Intel® RST (Matrix) RAIDFAQs
Fans Ramp Up and Down or Fans Boost After Operating System is LoadedFAQs
Intel® S5500/S5520 and S3420 Series Server Boards Storage Options
Demo: How to Perform a Firmware Update Using the EFI* ShellHow To Guides
Slow system response with Windows 7* and SM712 on-board video driverFAQs
Only 8 MB video memory reportedFAQs
Troubleshooting server boot issues (non-interactive version)How To Guides
Troubleshooting Intel® Server Board and Intel® Server System Boot IssueHow To Guides
Intel® One Boot Flash Update Utility User GuideHow To Guides
Error prompts when using remote console on the Intel® RMM3FAQs
Hotswap Controller Firmware update failed with Error 005FAQs
Not all beep codes signal an errorFAQs
Unable to access the RAID Option ROM during POSTKnown Issues
Intel® RAID Software Users GuideHow To Guides
Intel® Remote Management Module 3 (Intel® RMM3) User GuideHow To Guides
Service GuideHow To Guides
Technical Product SpecificationTechnical Documents
Intel® RAID Controllers Best Practices White PaperHow To Guides
System Configuration Utility User GuideTechnical Documents
Intel® RAID Controller command line tool 2 user guideHow To Guides
User guidesTechnical Documents
Hardware Specification for discontinued I/O Expansion ModulesTechnical Documents
Quick Start User's GuideHow To Guides
Demo: Configuring Intel® RMM3 Using Intel® Deployment Assistant CDHow To Guides
Intel System Information Retrieval Utility user guideHow To Guides
Updating BIOS, FRUSDR and BMC Using the EFI ShellHow To Guides
Which Port Does the Intel® Remote Management Module 3 Use for KVM Redirection?
Where Can I Find Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2* Drivers?FAQs
USB Keyboard Undetected with Symantec Ghost in DOS Mode on Server Board S3420GPFAQs
Demo: Configuring Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology IIHow To Guides
How to configure or reset the Intel® Remote Management Module 3 (Intel® RMM3)FAQs
Quick Start Guide text and imagesHow To Guides
Intermittent connection experienced with Intel® Remote Management Module 3
1-5-4-2 Beep Sequence when changing Intel® VT Settings in the BIOSFAQs
Intel® Server Board S3420GP may hang during POST with a TFT / CRT monitorFAQs
Intel® Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (Intel® VT-d)FAQs
Interactive guide: Planning and deploying the S3420GP Family
Is GPT a supported data partition in Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology II?FAQs
How do I update my BIOS?How To Guides
Demo: How to load the Intel® Embedded Server RAID driver during an OS installFAQs
Incompatible operating system installing Intel® Matrix Storage ManagerKnown Issues
Demo: How to configure ESRT2 RAID using the BIOS consoleHow To Guides
Demo: Series of short demonstrations for the Intel® System Management SoftwareHow To Guides
Installation may halt when installing VMware* 4.0 Update 1 on Windows 7*Known Issues
Cabling guide for Intel® Server Board S3420GP in Intel® Server Chassis SC5650How To Guides
No hard drives are detected during Windows* installationFAQs
Missing Intel® ESRT-2 RAID option in BIOS of Intel® Server Board S3420GPKnown Issues
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Performance Optimization & Use

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