Intel® Pentium® Processor for Desktop

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General Installation & Configuration

Microcode update error received after upgrading processorKnown Issues
Overclocked processors and system busKnown Issues
Resetting boxed processor fan-heatsink fasteners/pushpinsHow To Guides
How to install and remove LGA775 processors and fan-heatsinksHow To Guides
Intel® Desktop Processor support resourcesHow To Guides
How to install a LGA115x processor into the socketHow To Guides
Installation and integration of LGA1156 socket desktop processorsHow To Guides
Installation manual (775-land package)How To Guides
What is the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool?FAQs
Processor installation video for the LGA1150, LGA1155, and LGA1156 socketsHow To Guides
Installation and integration of LGA775 socket processorsHow To Guides
How to install a LGA775 processor in the LGA775 socketHow To Guides
Processors - My computer has no displayKnown Issues
Do not place a sticker on the desktop processor Integrated Heat SpreaderKnown Issues
Installation and integration of LGA1155 socket processorsHow To Guides
Design guides- Intel® Core 2 Duo, Intel® Pentium®, and Intel® Celeron® ProcessorTechnical Documents
Intel® desktop processors package type guideTechnical Documents
What can I do if my processor is overheating?Known Issues
How do I know if my computer is overheating?Known Issues
Installation video for LGA775 processorsHow To Guides
Processor integration overview (LGA115x)How To Guides
What do I do if my computer is overheating?Technical Documents
Installation and integration of LGA1150 socket processorsHow To Guides
What is the recommended internal temperature of a chassis?Known Issues
System thermal managementHow To Guides
Installation manual (LGA1156)How To Guides
How to apply Thermal Interface Material (TIM)How To Guides
System Requirements for Intel® 64 IntegrationHow To Guides
Troubleshooting system no boot issuesKnown Issues
No boot wizardKnown Issues
Thermally Advantaged Tested Chassis listHow To Guides
What are the system requirements for Enhanced Intel Speedstep® Technology?How To Guides
Installation instructionsHow To Guides
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