Intel® Core™ i7 Processor Extreme Edition

Enhance Performance & Maintain

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Performance Optimization & Use

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General Installation & Configuration

Microcode Update Error Received After Upgrading ProcessorKnown Issues
Resetting boxed processor fan-heatsink fasteners/pushpinsHow To Guides
Upgrade Information for Intel® Desktop ProcessorsHow To Guides
Integration Overview (LGA1366-Land Package)How To Guides
Installation and Integration of LGA1366 Socket Desktop ProcessorsHow To Guides
Installation Manual for Boxed Intel® Core i7 Processors (LGA1366 package)How To Guides
Do Not Place a Sticker on the Desktop Processor Integrated Heat SpreaderKnown Issues
Intel® Desktop Processor support resourcesHow To Guides
Processors - My Computer Has No DisplayKnown Issues
Installation manual (LGA2011)How To Guides
What is the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool?FAQs
How to install a LGA1366 processor in the LGA1366 socketHow To Guides
What Can I Do if My Processor is Overheating?Known Issues
What Do I Do if My Computer is Overheating?Technical Documents
How Do I Know if My Computer is Overheating?Known Issues
Intel® Desktop Processors Package Type GuideTechnical Documents
Installation video for LGA2011 processors & the BXRTS2011LQ thermal solutionHow To Guides
Intel® Core i7-980X and i7-990X installation video (LGA1366)How To Guides
Installation and integration of LGA2011 socket processorsHow To Guides
System Thermal ManagementHow To Guides
LGA1366 Installation ManualHow To Guides
Intel® RTS2011AC Fan-Heatsink Installation Manual for the LGA2011 SocketHow To Guides
BXRTS2011LC thermal solution installation manual (LGA2011)How To Guides
What are the system requirements Intel® 64 Technology?How To Guides
How to Apply Thermal Interface Material (TIM)How To Guides
Installation manual (LGA2011-v3)How To Guides
Troubleshooting System No Boot IssuesKnown Issues
No Boot WizardKnown Issues
BXTS13X Liquid Cooling Thermal Solution Installation InstructionsHow To Guides
Intel® Thermal Solution BXTS13A installation manual for the LGA2011-v3 socketHow To Guides
System Requirements for Intel® 64 IntegrationHow To Guides
Thermally Advantaged Tested Chassis listHow To Guides
What are the system requirements for Enhanced Intel Speedstep® Technology?How To Guides
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