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Intel® PRO/100+ Dual Port Server Adapter

Enhance Performance & Maintain

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Performance Optimization & Use

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General Installation & Configuration

Changing Windows* speed and duplex settings through scripts for adapters or LOMsFAQs
Windows* Reports Network Speed at 1 Gbps when Teaming Network AdaptersKnown Issues
Networking demonstrations and examplesHow To Guides
Unable to uninstall Intel® Network Connections, Intel® PROSet, or teamsKnown Issues
Novell NetWare* Client 32 InstallationHow To Guides
Windows* 95 Driver InstallationHow To Guides
Unattended Installation of Windows NT* 4.0 WorkstationsHow To Guides
Installing the Base Driver and Intel PROSet via the Command LineHow To Guides
NetWare* DOS ODI Client Driver InstallationHow To Guides
How do I use Teaming with Advanced Networking Services (ANS)?How To Guides
Advanced Settings for Intel® Ethernet 10/100 and Gigabit AdaptersTechnical Documents
How do I setup Intel® PRO/100 Network Connection drivers for RIS installation?How To Guides
Save to computer and unblock CHM files before openingFAQs
Twisted Pair cable categories supported by Intel® Ethernet ConnectionsTechnical Documents
LAN Server driver installationHow To Guides
How to Install Intel® Network Connections Software from Web PacksHow To Guides
What is Intel® PROSet and how do I access it?How To Guides
Advanced Networking Services (ANS) VLANsFAQs
Common NetWare* Server error messages: causes and solutionsFAQs
Multiple Warnings in [WinMgmt] During Intel® PROSet for Device Mgr. InstallationKnown Issues
Will my Intel® Ethernet Adapter work with Solaris*?Technical Documents
Intel® PRO/100 Adapter software and driversFAQs
Advanced Networking Services - Advanced settings for teamsHow To Guides
Packet drivers for Intel® Ethernet AdaptersFAQs
Download help files for Windows* advanced settings for Intel® Network AdaptersHow To Guides
Team does not communicate when configured with static IP addressKnown Issues
Phantom adapters may prevent your adapter from teamingKnown Issues
Team Setup RequirementsFAQs
Switch Fault Tolerance Teaming Mode Failover InformationTechnical Documents
Intel® PROSet for Device Manager tabs are not visible through Remote ConnectionsKnown Issues
WMI required to configure Intel® Network Adapter advanced features in Windows*Known Issues
Intel® Ethernet user guides
How do I find the Network Adapter driver version in Windows XP* or Windows 7*?
How do I save and restore adapter and team configuration settings?How To Guides
Intel® PROSet configuration tabs are missingKnown Issues
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